Apothecary Bitters

To those who know him best, Cole Benoit is just like any other creator: he is driven to leave all his talents on the table. With that being said, it also took those who know him best to encourage him to take his talents to the next level.
Making wares for the masses is not a task for everyone. However, Benoit was already in a position to succeed. Blessed with both a talent for taste and aesthetics, he already had the skill set to not just to make bitters, but to source, package and design something that all Canadians would want behind their bars, whether they be at work or at home. He’s also found something that tickles our national pride. In a landscape where talented manufacturers are just waiting to be found, Benoit’s ascension into Canada’s cocktail scene has been wonderfully quick – and with enthusiasm like his, well-warranted.
Benoit, a cook, brewer, artist, graphic designer and bartender by way of passion, could often be found bouncing around Vancouver’s vibrant cocktail scene, tasting his wares with eager palates. After making his presence known (who doesn’t like a man who man with a vision), his peers would eagerly wait for his next visit as along with it meant his next creation.
That’s because Benoit is constantly experimenting with different flavor combinations. Some are familiar, others are adventurous. Soon enough, Benoit tasted himself into the hearts of British Columbian bartenders, and without haste, Canadian cocktail enthusiasts countrywide.
No matter what the journey is, Apothecary Bitters will be Sovereign’s first domestic brand – and we couldn’t be more proud to share this success story with the rest of our Canadian kinfolk. May Cole Benoit’s dedication, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit continue to infect us all.

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