BG Reynolds

Blair Reynolds has a passion for tiki, and it shows. His world renowned Tiki bar, Hale Pele, located in Portland, OR, has collected numerous accolades. Blair’s prowess for everything tiki has been well documented, and not too long ago, he parlayed his success as a restauranteur and cocktail creator into a syrup maker. Sharing his tiki-focused syrups with an eager following was once a dream that has now come to fruition, and we are really proud to continue to support the entrepreneurial spirit of people like Blair that grace our industry with their talents. BG Reynolds syrups have the depth and sophistication to carry to many realms of the cocktail world. It’s not just the essential syrups that one could find in their favorite Donn Beachcomber or Trader Vic drink that he’s recreating; his handcrafted, shelf stable line-up are a welcome substitution for any creative “mixologist”, whether they are behind the stick or at home and whether they are classic, contemporary or tiki cocktails. In fact, since these syrups contain no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup, they are great to use in the kitchen for cooking as well.

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