Bittermens Bitters

As the artisanal bitters movement exploded in the middle of the 2000’s with a whole slew of unconventional flavours, Bittermens, above all else, has withstand the test of time. It’s easy to point to the true acumen of Avery and Janet Glasser’s family operation. However one of the keys to their success has been their remarkable consistency and applicability when it comes to making practical drinks behind the bar. These bitters and shrubs are geared towards the enthusiastic cocktail maker, and often times as bartenders and mixologists alike dream up the “final touch” for their concoctions, Bittermens is there with something for them. In an industry where it’s hard to gain traction, Bittermens has done so in spades. Their bitters, tinctures and shrubs have led them to becoming one of the top brands of the world. And if you ever have the pleasure of sharing a drink with Avery or Janet, you’ll realize why; their passion for their work and their knowledge of how cocktail additives work, both from the technical and chemical side of things, is simply astounding.

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