Scrappy’s Bitters

Seattle-based Scrappy’s Bitters is the first New American bitters company to commercially produce hand crafted bitters, and have become a template for success for many of their contemporaries around the world. Although officially launched in 2008, Scrappy’s began the journey to perfect their bitters recipes years before. Their focus is simple: to create bitters using nearly all organic ingredients of the highest quality, free of additives, chemicals, dyes, or anything else that would mitigate the flavor. They have focused their values around sustainability, and contributing to their community in the process. Their direct, ingredient-forward approach has made these bitters amongst the most versatile and cocktail complimentary out there. Their pursuance of excellence when it comes to production techniques, as well as their meticulous attention to detail, has made them the internationally recognizable brand they have now become. True to form, they continue to hand batch everything to maintain quality control and consistency.

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