Siete Misterios

Siete Misterios was established in 2010, with the unified goal of conserving and celebrating the traditions of Mezcal making. On top of creating some of the most beautiful Mezcals on the market, they pride themselves on encouraging and stimulating rural economies in Mexico. Inspired by the legends and mysteries of Mexico, they decided to start a search for a drink that faithfully represented their customs, culture and passion. On top of spirits, they have created a line of custom made salts to be enjoyed alongside Mezcal; a Sal de Gusano made with real Maguey worms, sea salt and hot peppers as well as a Sal de Chapulín, crafted in the same way but with grasshoppers. These sweet, smoky, and savory salts are sprinkled over top orange slices to make an excellent Mezcal pairing.

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