Our Team

Jonathan Smolensky is the proprietor of Sovereign Wine & Spirits. He is passionate about the quality and personality of the products that Sovereign represents – including the history, cultural context, and their future in this industry. He is professionally trained and well educated in both wines and spirits.
Julia Diakow is the marketing director for Sovereign Wine & Spirits. With a background in hospitality management, she leads the promotional content and social media charge. She has a passion for all the complexities of liquor and service.

Our Vision

Wine and spirits have a long socio-cultural history from all corners of the world. They are engrained in humanity. We have created an agency with intentions to broaden our market’s selection by purveying fine, quality products from a global portfolio. As an agent in Canada, we want to simplify the access to unique wines and spirits that deserve placement in this market. We are committed to working with brands that have staying power, have purpose, and have their own vision and creative passion as well. As handlers and facilitators, we want to create a platform in which brands have the ability to showcase and complete their objectives in our market. With a team effort approach, we feel we can cover considerable ground in what has become an integral global market for premium wines, spirits and barware.

Our Strategy

Sovereign Wine and Spirits is not an ordinary agency. We are committed to the education and appreciation of our portfolio, and sharing in that growth of knowledge with our community. We encourage feedback from our clientele, so that we can build a synergistic relationship between ourselves and our customers, with the goal of bringing exciting, quality brands into this market together. Influencing trends and maintaining quality relationships with licensees in the liquor and hospitality industry is paramount to us. We believe that these are the driving forces for successful brand placement and sales. Our intention is to showcase these products through a variety of streams of public relations: cocktail events, affiliation with bartender governing bodies, local tastings and seminars, etc. To achieve these ends, we want to develop rapport with well-respected retail and on-premise establishments. At the end of the day, we want to invoke the kind of enthusiasm that our customers can immerse themselves in, not be intimidated about. We want our clientele to embrace a culture that appreciates fine wines and spirits for what they are, and we want to share in their growth, appreciation and value as well.