In addition to make some of the world’s finest cocktail bitters, tinctures and shrubs, Avery and Janet Glasser have expanded into another realm: spirits. Continuing their motif of making cocktail-focused, purposeful bitters, the Bittermens lineup now boasts some of the most fascinating products out there. Well travelled and well spoken, the duo set out to find what spirits they could make that would not only play well with others, but could also be stalwart products behind any bar globally, whilst fulfilling their own creative desires. The result has been a fascinating collection of spirits and liqueurs, all with a lot of personality and flair, all brimming with a certain genius that we have grown accustomed to when it comes to these two. If one keeps their ear to the ground, one can hear the echoes of bartenders across the globe saying: “But have you tried THIS?” referring more often than not to these magnificent, delicious spirits, laced with a complexity and structure that seems to come natural to the Glassers.

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