Novo Fogo

Ever since immigrating to the United States, Dragos Axinte felt his calling was to do something remarkable. Along with his wife Emily, they have certainly found their calling and then some. Forever enamored by the beautiful nuances and diversity of fine cane spirit (aren’t we all?), the Axintes have produced something that the world has never seen before: premium, terroir focused cachaça. Cachaça has always had a place behind the bar and in the store all over the world. Rivaling with vodka for the most voluminous selling spirit globally, Brazil’s national spirit does something culturally that sets it apart. It invokes memories of sun, fun, tropics, music and dancing. There is an undeniable romanticism involved with drinking spirits born from these parts of the world.

So instead of getting in line with the rest of the world’s cachaças, Dragos and his family went beyond. He focused on the quality and versatility of the spirit, making Novo Fogo not just something that can be used in a cocktail, but also something than can stand alone and be sipped on its own right.

With a commitment to education, marketing and the overall interaction that is experienced when one has when drinking cachaça, Novo Fogo has won the category over. Beyond the accolades, the cachaça is amazing, the people are fun, and the brand identity is something everyone wants to be a part of. We are so proud to be carrying Novo Fogo in the ol’ Sovereign line-up, and feel fortunate to be working with such committed, passionate people.

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