Punico Spirits

In the 19th century, Marsala became a famous wine and spirit area worldwide thanks to its namesake dessert wine. Vito Maltese, one of the most talented and recognized wine and spirit makers in Marsala has long been contributing to its sustained fame throughout the 20th century. His contributions to the industry have upheld the ascension and reputation of the area as a whole. As a winner of both national and international wine making awards and a member of the committee of DOC and DOCG wine tasting certifications in the appellation of Sicily, Vito Maltese has had a very successful career taking on every endeavor that has come across his desk. Constantly seeking new challenges, Maltese decided to take on a new venture, and on the fiftieth anniversary of his career, he got together with his sons to create Punico spirits, and their flagship product, Amaro Punico. Creating superbly crafted wines and spirits is in the Maltese blood, and it’s no wonder that everything they have produced has been extremely well received and successful by an international community eagerly seeking traditional Italian spirits.

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