Rehilete Papalote

México, vast territory rich in history and tradition, worships the majesty of its roots with its most recognized beverage: the tequila. The dedication in preparing this Mexican elixir, resulted in the creation of Tequila Rehilete Papalote;a tribute to Mexican culture painted for its rich cultural events and colorful traditions. It is our tequila, Rehilete Papalote , the spirit of our land. Red sandstone flooring, stained blue agave, which tumbled to a sky stamped with white clouds ; It is here where our kite flies with the wind. A multicolored pinwheel takes the opportunity to move to the wind and let the air take away the bad luck. With carefully cultivated agaves, Tequila Rehilete Papaloteshown to the world , thanks to the hardworking hands of tequila artisans, producing a delicate delight the palate. Quality inspiring and enviable body and purity, the extraordinary aromas of our tequila, lead us to travel through these agave landscapes full of mores and tradition; its deep flavor, makes us imagine the sublime representation of the colors of Mexico distilled into a single bottle.

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