Wansas is specifically designed as an ultra-premium tequila crafted with the belief that you should love your lifestyle and love your drink. The packaging is alluring and unique with a seductive pyramid glass bottle handmade in Mexico from recycled glass. Yet the attention to detail goes far beyond what others often do in this category. Wansas is a giant, 300 acre estate in the picturesque town of Ayotlán. The agave hearts undergo brick-oven roasting and are merely double-distilled – a minimal processing method that maintains an enticing natural agave flavor. This tequila was designed to stand alone, with a focus on sticking rigidly to the estate’s traditions and roots to cultivate the best naturally grown agave they can. “Wansas” is rooted in the Spanish word for “clumsy”, a tongue-and-cheek adjective for an operation that is anything but.

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