By Julia Diakow

Having been plastered on the front page of many spirits magazines and website articles, it should come as no surprise that Spain’s hottest new trend, is in fact, not new at all. We are not speaking of the resurgence of San Sebastian’s pickled anchovies and olives becoming the new martini garnish (although we wouldn’t be against that). Barcelon (2)Nor is it the barrel aged Iberian ham infused Gin Mare (which we REALLY wouldn’t be against). But simply, Aunt Mildred’s night caps returning to vogue, known as the humble grape driven spirits: vermouth and sherry. With the day to day routine of tapas and pintxo (Basque) culture in Spain, it is no wonder that its locals are opting for lower proof sustenance. Anyone who has vacationed in the summer climate will appreciate that a.) consuming your weight in margaritas in the afternoon and b.) the addition of a hot summer sun can only end poorly for you. Gaudi (3)That being said, to combat such tough ailments, it makes complete sense to sip on 3 fingers of vermouth on ice or a crisp and slightly salty Fino sherry. “Tapas” is a word that tends to get thrown around quite willy nilly within the Vancouver restaurant scene. It has become the go-to meaning for “anything that is served sharing style on a small plate.” I have seen establishments coin both Japanese and Italian as being “tapas.” In reality, it is simply a beloved tradition and way of life in Spain. While its orgins may be hazy, most agree that it hearkens back to Southern Spain, Andalucia, served alongside Vino de Jerez (Sherry). Originally, it was served on top of one’s glass of wine, to keep the bugs at bay or as a way for workers to go about their business, enjoying small snacks throughout the day, as tapas’ literal meaning is “to cover” or “lid.”

photo - Copy (3)Raval Fizz

30 ml Rosemary infused The 86 Co. Ford’s Gin

15 ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth

20 ml Orange juice

2 dashes Scrappy’s Hellfire Bitters

*Take 5 sprigs of rosemary for 1 cup of gin, let infuse overnight

Rim a champagne flute with chili sea salt, combine all ingredients, shake over ice until chilled, fine strain into glass. Top with Cava and garnish with lemon peel


-August, 2015



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