By Julia Diakow

As a bartender, I have always held a strong connection to Tiki Culture, and quite frankly—rum, in general. This exquisite spirit has a way of painting grand tales of pirates, fleets of ships, Polynesian traditions and the incomparable taste that both a young and aged rum can deliver.

The romanticism of rum and its equally as mysterious past has always captivated me. With such a torrid history, it is no wonder it has held the affection of many painters, authors, and artists alike.

Wild Panama is a twist on the classic Mai-Tai. It is a cocktail that has grown to become one of my favorites to both drink and make for guests. A drink, so utterly delicious that has unfortunately in many places, been bastardized with copious amount of tropical mixers, 4 oz pours of rum and over the top garnishes.

Here is our simple homage to the beautiful Mai-Tai


IMG_0260Wild Panama

45 ml Cana Brava Panama Rum

15 ml Licor 43

30 ml Lime juice

1 bar spoon B.G Reynold’s Orgeat

Combine all ingredients, shake over ice, fine strain over fresh rocks.

Garnish with mint sprig and 3 dashes of Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters

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