By Julia Diakow

One of the finest qualities about a Gin & Tonic is its versatile nature. This classic cocktail can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year and the flavor combinations are endless. We present to you: The Basil & Broadside, a savory, herbaceous and refreshing twist on the good ol’ fashioned G & T. The latest offering from The West Winds Gin is the Broadside Navy Strength, coming in at a whopping 58% ABV and chockfull of umami driven sea parsley and Margaret River sea salt. (Those crazy Aussies). Safe to say, this may be the world’s first salty gin, and it’s a delicious one at that!

img_2107Basil & Broadside

60 ml The West Winds Gin Broadside

15 ml Fino Sherry

5 Basil Leaves

4 sundried tomatoes

Combine all ingredients, add ice, top with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Best enjoyed alongside canned seafood

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