The Year The World and Even Cocktail Festivals Went Online

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Pivot to online. That pretty much sums up our world this past year, doesn’t it? We would like to give praise to all those that brought the world valuable and relevant programming to all of us stuck at home.

A massive shout out to Drink Atlantic, Toronto Cocktail Conference, Tiki By The Sea, Thirst Boston, Tales of the Cocktail and many others for leading the way in those Zoom rooms. It really was an interesting way to bring the world so much closer together. Although our country is, for the most part, re-open and we’ve seen people develop ‘Zoom fatigue’ it’s still incredible to see the sheer amount of people showing up and being supportive.

Not only has the way we receive content changed, but the content itself is changing, including Christina Veira’s informed two-part, Bar Manager Bootcamp series to help all bar professionals re-envision how we as an industry think of safety, security, empathy and structure in our bars (to name just one!).

Cheers to all those putting in the work to give the public easy access to great information and to push us all forward.

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