Tequila Ocho, Fords Gin, Koch Mezcal & Worthy Park All Win Big In 2020 Awards

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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020 & International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2020

TEQUILA OCHO – A massive congratulations is due to the folks over at Tequila Ocho as this year they took home the prestigious Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge for their Plata Single Estate Tequila. With an overall score of 96 and a spot on the top 100 spirits list, the Tequila Ocho family has a lot to be proud of as they also celebrated their 12th birthday on August 8th.

FORDS GIN – A big shout out also has to go to Fords Gin for yet another great year as the Officers Reserve received a score of 93 while the London Dry also received a 93, the Great Value Award and a Tried and True award. Way to go Fords Gin!

FORDS GIN , KOCH MEZCAL, WORTHY PARK – At the International Wine & Spirits Challenge, Fords Gin, Koch Mezcal, and Worthy Park all took home huge scores and prestige! Congratulations to Koch Mezcal for taking gold & silver medals for their Madrecuishe (96 points) and Tepeztate (91 points) respectively. Fords Gin was given a well deserved silver medal at 92 points while the entire line up from Worthy Park Estate Rums were awarded medals. A Bronze was given to the Rum-Bar Gold Rum while the Rum-Bar Overproof (96 points), Rum-Bar Silver (95 points), and Single Estate Reserve (95 points) all walked away with gold medals.

We’re so honoured to work with such international superstars that always put quality first.

Congratulations to everyone; well deserved!

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