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We are a Canadian liquor agency, geared towards Canada’s hospitality sector and focused on connecting the well-crafted spirits and barware from the world and in our communities – because the drink is for sharing.

Our Team

Jonathan Smolensky is the proprietor of Sovereign Wine & Spirits. He is passionate about the quality and personality of the products that Sovereign represents – including the history, cultural context, and their future in this industry. He is professionally trained and well educated in both wines and spirits.

Our Vision

They say that Canada is a close-knit community of 35+ million people. We couldn’t agree more. Being an expansive land, we’re always finding ways to bond us together – and what’s inside our glass often provides just the spark.

Sovereign Canada strives to enhance those experiences with our fellow Canadians by enhancing what’s inside our glass. We are driven and passionate about what we drink, and are eager to share, educate, build and promote the hospitality industry at large across our country.

Whether it’s sourcing a beautiful new product from one of our peers around the world, providing a platform for the educational growth of bar and wine professionals, or supporting passion projects that foster better drinks experiences for all, we’re in.

After all, the rising tide lifts all boats. Especially when those tides are made up of delicious cocktails, spirits and wines from around the world.

Our Strategy

Sovereign Wine and Spirits is not an ordinary agency. We are committed to the education and appreciation of our portfolio, and sharing in that growth of knowledge with our community. We encourage feedback from our clientele so that we can build a synergistic relationship between ourselves and our customers, with the goal of bringing exciting, quality brands into this market together.

Influencing trends and maintaining quality relationships with licensees in the liquor and hospitality industry is paramount to us. We believe that these are the driving forces for successful brand placement and sales. Our intention is to showcase these products through a variety of streams of public relations: cocktail events, affiliation with bartender governing bodies, local tastings and seminars, etc. To achieve these ends, we want to develop a rapport with well-respected retail and on-premise establishments. At the end of the day, we want to invoke the kind of enthusiasm that our customers can immerse themselves in, not be intimidated about. We want our clientele to embrace a culture that appreciates fine wines and spirits for what they are, and we want to share in their growth, appreciation and value as well.