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Aha Yeto is an estate tequila distillery originating from an area known as Los Altos de Jalisco; a beautiful countryside surrounded by the blue colored patches of the “Tequilana” agave, 6300 ft above sea level. Aha Yeto exercises extreme patience with their agave, waiting up to ten years for perfect maturity, never harvesting early. A brand started by a family with a long lineage of tequila craftsmanship, Aha Yeto brings a contemporary saga to the table. It follows the life of a brave and persevering bull (Toro), possessing great determination, raiding the warehouses in Jalisco where the freshly cut fruits of the agave plant lay to dry. His raids were so successful, it became commonplace to hear desperate workers exclaiming “Aha Toro! Go Away! Aha, aha!” The workers constructed a wall around the warehouse so that the “Toro” raids could end. The Aha Yeto gives a tip of the cap to all of nature’s creatures under the sun who strive to find the finest ingredients that the earth has to offer.

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