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Campo de Encanto Pisco is what happens when a career sommelier, award winning bartender and an expert distiller come together with a singular focus, that of an enigmatic, underutilized terroir spirit. In a sentence, that’s how one could describe the team of Walter Moore, Duggan McDonnell and Carlos Romero. All from different backgrounds, they share the same desire of creating the best piscos ever known to man. And as San Franciscans, rich in pisco history and natives to perhaps the world’s most important city outside of South America when it comes to pisco, they must have felt like it was their calling. Alas the world has become their benefactors, and anyone who has tried their piscos can attest to Paul Clarke of Cocktail Chronicle’s review: “Mind-blowing stuff, absolutely the best pisco I’ve ever tasted.” The three gentlemen are making the industry change their approach and philosophy to pisco. Gone is the arachaic idea that pisco is a cheap poorman’s spirit, relinquished to a lifetime of “piscolas”. Back is a genteel, sophisticated brandy, defined by its aromatics, differed by varietal and perfected by the distiller. They are bringing back the glory years of the spirit, when Pisco Punches flowed through the Bank Exchange and Saloon. Like any fine eaux-du-vie, pisco is a labour of love. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The results speak for themselves: boy-oh-boy, these guys must really LOVE pisco. In its first year of production, Campo de Encanto won Peru’s Gran Medalla de Oro, the country’s highest award for pisco distillers.

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