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Established 2009 in Lewisburg, West Virginia, Smooth Ambler is the brain child of John Little and his father-in-law Tag Galyean. They pride themselves on creating ingenious hand crafted spirits; from grinding locally farmed organic grains, to hand signing each bottle. With a heavy focus on grain to glass and an accent on Southern Hospitality, Smooth Ambler is bringing a relaxed, laissez-faire attitude back into the art of distilling. Surrounded by a land that has incredible historic ties to the American distilling industry, it is no surprise that the Appalachians are making extremely well made whiskies.

Aside from their aged spirits, Smooth Ambler also produces an impressive and award winning line up of vodka, gin and white dog. Alongside their growing line of spirits, they also search out other independent suppliers that may not have a chance to showcase their whiskies in a global marketplace. John and Tag routinely take exceptional products they find, age them further and bottle them under the label “Old Scout.” Like many new small distillers with similar success stories, attention to detail and operational transparency have fast tracked Smooth Ambler to the limelight. As a result, they are enjoying some well-deserved international success for their innovative and original approach to distilling in a 21st century marketplace.

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