Aha Yeto Diva

ABV: 40%
Appearance: Glowing, light pink hue
Aroma: Wine oak, soft red fruit coupled with raw agave character
Palate: Soft, sweet morello cherry, warm spice compliment this incredibly complex and sophisticated palate
Finish: Black pepper, agave nectar and jammy red bush fruit and port like finish. Incredibly smooth and somewhat feminine

brandAha Yeto

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All of Aha Yeto’s tequilas are crafted through copper pot distillation. The bottles are hand blown glass, and each lot is noted on the bottle. The absolutely fascinating and complex ‘Diva’ has been barrel aged and infused with hibiscus to obtain a flavor profile that is unrivaled in the tequila world. This is truly an aficionado’s tequila. Despite the creativeness, this tequila is undeniably approachable and has become a ‘must-try’ while developing a cult following.

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