Aha Yeto Reposado

Aha Yeto Reposado

ABV: 40%
Appearance: Light amber
Aroma: A floral, tropical citrusy aroma surrounds a profound butterscotch element
Palate: Smooth and texturally pleasing, there is a slight creaminess to the palate. Despite its ageing, a youthful freshness can still be detected. Butterscotch and black pepper still resonates
Finish: Mild and relaxed, there is a tobacco leaf, black pepper finish that stays consistent with the palate. Elegant

brandAha Yeto

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All of Aha Yeto’s tequilas are crafted through copper pot distillation. The bottles are hand blown glass, and each lot is noted on the bottle. The reposado is aged anywhere from two to eight months in second hand American white oak barrels, depending on the lot. Care has been taken to observe when the tequila should be released from the barrel.

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