North African Bitters (Barbary-Coast) -White
Bitters & Syrups

Apothecary African Spice (Barbary Coast)

ABV: 42%

Tasting Notes: Aroma notes of lemon, cardamom, honey and saffron. Taste follows with dried fruits, citrus, spices and a firm bitterness.

Drink ideas: Try them in a Martinez for a twist on a classic or in a pisco sour or martini. Pisco, tequila, gin, dry vermouth and apertivo liqueurs.


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Inspired by the ingredients in North African cuisine, these bitters start with a top notes of dried fruits, ginger and cardamom, giving way to rich spices, peppercorns and herbs with aromatics of lemon, saffron and honey

Vibrant, fresh and highly aromatic.

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