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Apothecary Conifer Berry Bitters (Elder Growth)

ABV: 45%
Tasting Notes: Aroma notes of douglas fir, elderberry, eucalyptus, nutmeg and cinnamon. Taste follows with big forest flavors, earthiness, berry sweetness, and a baking spices.
Drink Ideas: The simplest ways to start with these bitters are in a Manhattan or a Fitzgerald.


brandApothecary Bitters

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A wonderful compliment to fall and on into the winter, using local harvested fresh Douglas Fir tips. These bitters start with a wonderful combination of dried berries, bringing notes of dark fruits, a subtle sweetness and an earthy note. From there, the flavor develops into the botanicals, bringing on notes of fresh douglas fir and eucalyptus, finishing with a lovely note of baking spices, especially nutmeg, as the forest lingers on to the very end. 

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