Bittermens Amère Sauvage – Gentiane Américaine

Bittermens Amère Sauvage – Gentiane Américaine


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ABV: 23%
Appearance: Pale Yellow
Aroma: Damp leaves and very earthy
Palate: Earthy bitterness with a bit of oolong tea
Finish: Extremely long earthy bitterness

Other important technical and production information:
At the heart of most French aperitif bitters, Italian Amari and classic cocktail bitters, one almost always finds gentian root. Our Amère Sauvage uses only French yellow gentian root to make this liqueur. Try combining equal parts gin, Lillet Blanc and Amère Sauvage to create a White Negroni or just enjoy it on the rocks or with club soda.

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