Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur

Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur


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ABV: 21%
Appearance: Reddish Brown
Aroma: Citrusy with the distinct aroma of kaffir lime leaf
Palate: Tonic water bitterness with a strong citrus note
Finish: Citrus

Other important technical and production information:
We love a great tonic water, but it’s increasingly difficult to find one, even though it seems that every week there’s another producer of tonic water popping up. Our issue with the new garde of tonic waters is that they just aren’t tonic-y enough. We figure that it’s because there’s only so much bitterness that you can extract without using a bit of alcohol. Sure, if you’re making a soft drink, that’s a no-no, but we think that tonic water is at its finest when combined with some gin and a couple of cubes of ice. Combine three quarters of Commonwealth, an ounce and a half of your favorite London Dry Gin and 4-5 ounces of soda water to make what we think is the perfect gin and tonic.

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