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ABV: 40.5%
Appearance:  Crystal clear showing only the palest yellow / green blush.
Aroma: Fresh citrus along with some pine needle. Complex, earthy and grassy with floral notes. Pear and tropical fruits as well. The bouquet is vibrant, exuding talc and wet rock. Aeration draws out some sap and candle wax. Extremely complex.
Palate:  Ample lemon notes meld with notes of evergreen, pencil shavings, and modest floral notes on the back end. Some heat on the entry that develops into a rich, velvety mouthfeel with jasmine, chocolate, pepper and citrus peel.
Finish:  Long, lingering and warm. Concludes gently, off dry, persisting into the clean, dry aftertaste.

brandCampo de Encanto Pisco

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Campo de Encanto ‘Acholado’ Pisco is a vibrant, artisanal grape brandy produced in the Ica Valley of Perú; it is a cuvee of many different small batches, across vintages, and four different varietals: Quebranta (74%), Torontel (6%), Moscatel (4%) and Italia (16%). Encanto is then rested for one year to refine its smooth texture, aroma and spice notes. Encanto is sustainably harvested, vinted, and distilled according to the strictest standards set by the Comisión Nacional del Pisco of Perú: distilled only once, nothing added, no preservatives, no sugar. Not even a drop of water. It is an honest, blended-by-hand, bottled-at-proof beauty.

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