Dorothy Parker American Gin

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Dorothy Parker Gin

ABV: 44%
Appearance:  Translucent White
Aroma: Sweet floral notes are balanced with muscular juniper. Elderberry, citrus and cinnamon are all also evident on a glorious sweet and floral nose. Hibiscus and passion fruit are also present. Bright, refreshing, inviting and somewhat unique.
Palate: Hibiscus petals appear prominent, but not at the expense of juniper. This is still very much a proper gin.  The taste starts strong with spice and juniper. Cassia and juniper up front, building to a peak with a burst of heat and Cinnamon develops.  Candied orange, a bit of sour cranberry and elderberry. Fading notes in the character of strawberry-rhubarb pie.
Finish:  You’re left with sweet floral notes, juniper and returning elderberry and citrus that linger pleasantly for some time.

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