Jensen’s Bermondsey London Dry Gin

Jensen Bermondsey London Dry Gin

ABV: 43%
Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Clean, pine-ey juniper with lavender and parma violet, generous coriander, orange and lemon zest
Palate: Clean dry palate with pine fresh juniper to the fore with coriander and strong hints of parma violet from the orris, liquorice and nutty almond notes
Finish: Liquorice starts sweet and dries throughout the long piney finish


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Bermondsey Gin is made in a very traditional style: it is a true London-distilled dry gin made only using the botanicals found in gins from the 1800s. Bermondsey Gin does not include cucumber, rose, grains of paradise or any of the other ‘contemporary’ botanicals.

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