Jensen London-Distilled Old Tom Gin

Jensen London-Distilled Old Tom Gin

ABV: 43%
Appearance: Crystal Clear
Aroma: Eucalyptus and pine-ey juniper with woody liquorice, parma violet and earthy cold stewed tea with zesty orange and a soapy hint of almond
Palate: Strongly eucalyptus influenced palate with green vegetal notes and woody liquorice. This is far from tasting sweet – it’s not that kind of Old Tom – it is in fact dry with the merest perception of sweetness
Finish: Eucalyptus and pine-ey juniper with lingering vegetal notes


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This is a real Old Tom, replicating the style of original ‘sweet’ gins from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, not just a bog-standard London dry with added sugar. Jensen’s Old Tom is made to a 1840s recipe, and is naturally sweetened with larger quantities of sweet botanicals such as liquorice.

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