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Kleos Mastiha

ABV:  30%
Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma:  Floral bouquet of eucalyptus and chalky minerality
Palate: Superbly clean, slightly sweet with minty freshness, cucumber and sweet tea Finish: Long finish of clean cleansing mastiha freshness


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Mastiha is a fascinating liqueur created in Greece using the resin of the rare mastiha tree grown on the Greek island of Chios. It’s not often seen, but when you do, it’s always worth a look. This particular expression is Kleos Mastiha, produced by master distiller Maroussa Tsaxaki using the mastiha tears (the hardened resin) and mastiha essential oils. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “fame or glory attained through good deeds and hard work” – which is clearly an admirable thing to aspire to!

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