Los-Siete-Misterios Coyote

Los Siete Misterios Coyote

ABV: 48.5%
Appearance: Bright and clear with silver shading and slight pearling
Aroma: Fruity, effeminate nose of strawberries, cherries, bananas and mango, as well as powerful notes of cooked agave and licorice
Palate:  Fruity and floral, with delicate notes of licorice, aniseed and mint. Moist earth compliments the red bush fruit characteristics. Desserty chocolate and vanilla accents as well
Finish: Long, sweet, pleasing finish. A gentle giant at 48.5%, as this mezcal is very sophisticated, very intense with a long lasting flavor


brandLos Siete Misterios

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(Agave Americana L) Similar to the entire Los Siete Misterios lineup, this Arroqueño was distilled twice in hand made clay pots to achieve a traditional Oaxacan ‘pot strength’ mezcal. The agaves were cooked in earth oven pits, using nearby deadwood and river stones. They were hand smashed in Sabino wood canoes. Fermentation occurs naturally using wild yeasts. This mezcal comes straight from an estate Palenque in Sola de Vega. Los Siete Misterios continues to be an international benchmark when it comes to traditional clay pot mezcal distilling. Coyote is a plant that has long, skinny needle-like leaves and can be incredibly difficult to harvest, but incredibly rewarding to drink. There are very few examples of Coyote that ever reach the market place.

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