Los Siete Misterios 2013 Pechuga Limited Edition

Los Siete Misterios Pechuga Limited Edition

ABV: 48.5%
Appearance: Translucent and viscous. Pearly white.
Aroma: Gentle, orchard-fruit like incense with slight game, intense mangosteen and apricot. Freshly shaved ginger and wet stone.
Palate:  Hickory and barbeque chicken. Cinnamon, roasted pineapple, roasted apricot. Sandalwood, tropical fruit pit. Very thick and mouth coating. Such an alluring spirit, tasting notes could keep going forever.
Finish: Very long and succinct. Intensely flavoured and superbly balanced. This is clearly a spirit with much care taken to it. A very good example of how good pechuga can be if done right.

brandLos Siete Misterios

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Pechuga is an ‘abocado’ mezcal, and is always done in a house style. It is made by redistilling a finished mezcal with a mix of wild, seasonal fruits, often grains and always a raw, skinless chicken breast.

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