LSM Tobala Bottle

Los Siete Misterios – Tobalá

ABV: 48.1 %
Appearance: Bright, clear with silver shading and slight pearling.
Aroma: Delicate notes of bitter chocolate, tar, tobacco, dried plums and cooked agave. Smokey notes and an after flavour of chipotle pepper; hints of flowers and nutmeg. Recommended to let stand inside a glass to develop its aromas.
Palate: It confirms a personality frull of spices, chocolate and tabacco.
Finish: Long-lasting flavour and a sweet finish.

brandLos Siete Misterios

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Similar to the entire Los Siete Misterios lineup, the Tobala was distilled twice in hand made clay pots to achieve a traditional Oaxacan ‘pot strength’ mezcal. The agaves were cooked in earth oven pits, using nearby deadwood and river stones. They were hand smashed in Sabino wood canoes. Fermentation occurs naturally using wild yeasts. This mezcal comes straight from an estate Palenque in Sola de Vega. Instead of the long, pointed leaves of the Espadin, the Tobala features wide, flat leaves and smaller piña, which means more of them are used to make the same amount of Mezcal. Like many clay pot expressions, this mezcal will change and improve once the bottle is
opened with a little oxygen exposure

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