Maidenii Classic

Maidenii Classic

ABV: 16%
Appearance: Deep copper and mahogany colour
Aroma: Powerful, revealing scents of clove, bay leaf and cherry with hints of anise adding freshness
Palate:  A slightly tart, bitter entry leads into a medium-bodied, almost off-dry profile of stewed fruits and sweet spices. Counterpointed by pleasantly bitter, herbal, earthy, root-like flavours and cleansing acidity.
Finish: Excellent balance. Spicy blackberry finish. Concludes clean, fresh and mildly tart with bay leaf and clove persisting


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Maidenii classic is an aperitif style vermouth that uses fully fermented Shiraz grapes. Prominent botanicals include orange zest, bay leaf and gentian root. Native Australian botanicals include wormwood, strawberry gum, wattleseed, sea parsley and river mint.


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