Maidenii Nocturn - bottle

Maidenii Nocturne Vin Amer

ABV: 21.5 %
Appearance: Pale, slightly cloudy salmon pink/autumn leaf orange
Aroma: pure and intense aromas of pink grapefruit, plum and a gentle medley of bitter fresh herbal notes;
Palate: Live acidity, medium bodied, complex with prunes and dried herbs
Finish: long delicately bitter, grapefuit-like finish



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A bitterweet melody composed for the night. Nocturne combines mature wines from Central Victoria with Antipodean botanicals plucked from sleeping Eucalypt forests to create this premium Amer. Ten-year-old flor rose made from syrah & matured on vermouth lees in old French oak barrels. The base wine and botanicals are blended for a six-month maturation in old French oak. Sweetened with grape concentrate & bottled without filtration. Nothing else added. Wormwood plays a key role, supported by nine native botanicals with a strong focus on Australian bush fruits including muntries, riberries, desert limes & quangdongs. Four other bittering botanicals are blended in with the final botanical; Yarra Valley black truffles from the 2015 season.

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