Mezcal Koch Mexicano

ABV: 47%
Appearance: Bright, clear with slight pearling
Aroma: Bold dance of aromas starting from vegetal and savoury with herbs and chilis open way to fruity notes of lemon and white plum with floral and oily graphite nuance playing in the back
Spicy cayenne, stewed plum and deep earthiness coat the mouth with a beautiful creamy texture
Finish: Dry and short with sweet and smoky mesquite and overripe pineapple notes

brandMezcal Koch

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Koch Mexicano is made with 100% wild agave Mexicano in Rio de Ejutla. This mezcal is made by Mezcalero Adrian Bautista, who makes several other Koch brand mezcals. The aroma of this mezcal is reminiscent of ferment fruit with hints of sweet spice. The Mexicano agave is enormous, and this mezcal uses all three variants of the agave Mexicano: Chontal, Mexican, and Mexican Long Stock.

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