Koch el Mezcal Tobala

ABV: 47%
Appearance: Bright, clear with slight pearling
Aroma: Meditating aroma of ocean air, coconut milk, hazelnut, celery and star fruit
Palate: A beautiful party of slight smoky notes, cedar, fruit, walnuts and cocoa nibs
Finish: Dry and slightly bitter, but with a tingle of jasmine flowers and Szechuan peppercorn

brandMezcal Koch

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Koch el Mezcal Tobala is made with wild agave Tobala. The agave Tobala is very small, and a large amount of agave pinas are needed to make a single batch of mezcal. The Tobala is notably complex in taste and mouthfeel. Koch el Mezcal Tobala is harvested after 9 years of growth. It is made by Pedro Hernandez in San Baltazar. It is a subtle mezcal with floral tones and a great herbal permanence on the palate

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