Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin

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Perrys Tot Gin

ABV: 57%
Appearance: Translucent White
Aroma: Quite traditional and juniper led but with a creamy, natural syrup sweetness and floral roundness that almost certainly comes from the wild flower honey. Orange and a hint of cinnamon add depth. It does not have an overwhelmingly strong nose in the way that other Navy strength gins often have.
Palate: Big and juniper led with citrus, especially grapefruit. The palate is acutely juniper based, but there is several layers of depth. The entry leads strongly with citrus, and then on the mid-palate comes cinnamon, juniper and a peculiar floral sweetness.
Finish: Earthy orange and juniper. Plenty of power, but packed full of flavor. The finish is well rounded, with a touch of anise, angelica and juniper bite, fading with a pronounced heat that never overwhelms. Overall the gin has a classic character that lets the spice notes rise and take center stage for a brief moment.

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