West Winds Gin – Cutlass

West Winds Gin – Cutlass

ABV: 50%
Appearance: Translucent and viscous
Aroma: Clean, with hints of juniper, earth and spice as well as citrus
Palate:  Full and bold. Gum leaves and lemon zest initially, with capsicum and bell pepper notes coming to the forefront at the mid palate
Finish: Fascinatingly savory gin, with almost a rye and caraway like characteristic coming through at the end, along with a citrusy finish

brandThe West Winds Gin

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The West Winds makes all their gin in 150 litre small batch copper pots, with a botanicals plate right in the pot as opposed to in a basket in the neck. The Cutlass is bolstered by an increase in ABV to 50% to take its place amongst the ‘new world’ styles that continue to emerge. Hand crafted, small batch is key to its delicacy. The introduction of Australian bush tomato pairs up with an increase in coriander seed to produce a headstrong but beautifully aromatic and altogether drinkable gin. Savory and herbaceous characters make this wonderful gin a must for any martini drinker thanks to the unique blend of botanicals. Big, bold and bespoke, this is a completely new direction for gin. The Cutlass’ most recent award was a double gold at the 2013 San Francisco Spirit Awards, finishing second in the category overall.

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